Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Blog upgraded to Flatpress v1.2.beta1!

I went ahead and upgraded this (pretty dead) dev blog to the newly released “v1.2.beta1” of Flatpress, codenamed “Legato”!

1.2 finally brings Flatpress to PHP 7.4 all the way up to PHP 8.0, which previous versions were lacking (with 1.1 only supporting up to 7.3, which is of course set to be deprecated by the end of this year). Smarty has also been updated to release 2.6.31.

Being honest, after updating the PHP to use 7.4 instead of 7.3 on the server side, my 1.1 installation never had any issues, but future proofing is always a good thing.

In addition to this, several security fixes have been added, lazy loading of images is now standard for improved performance, GDPR compatibility has been made a standard for anyone that is important to. The very same google/seo compatible sitemap that this blog uses and was posted about on this blog is now part of the standard Flatpress installation, which I am very happy to see!

Several plugins have been fixed/updated. Leggero v2 is now the default theme (which this blog is now using a variation of, and it’s lovely), along with the original legacy Leggero v1 finally becoming responsive.

A full list of fixes and changes can be found at https://github.com/f … /master/CHANGELOG.md

Upgrading was a doddle, and with the release of special “upgrade/update only” packs, it made updating this blog a lot more simple than having to mess around with different directories and reuploading all of my content after the fact.

Of course, v1.2 is still in beta, so perhaps certain issues and bugs will arise, but this dev blog is the perfect place to test such things before applying it to my main blog when the final version is released.

Anyway, if you like, try the new version of flatpress today!
For more info, please see the following forum thread: https://forum.flatpr … wtopic.php?f=3&t=206